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Using Full Text Search to locate documents

The Full Text Search feature searches the text of each document locating matches. The returned results can be narrowed by selecting a Document Type to search. For syntax tips to use for Full Text Searching please view searchtips.

Using Field Search to locate documents

The Field Search feature searches the database that contains indexing data. Indexing data may include items such as Meeting Date or Resolution Number.

Certain search fields require input to be in the form of alpha-numeric characters, others require numbers and others require dates. To search for a date, use the following format - mm/dd/yyyy. To search a date range use the following format - mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy. The 'to' portion is important in the preceeding example.

'Walking' to documents

By clicking the top level Folders in the left frame of this site and then the following subfolders in the main frame until the list of Documents are listed is equivalent to virtually 'walking' down the path to the Documents. This method returns all Documents for the selected Folder (Document Type).

List of allowed search characters

All searches are limited to the following list of characters. Any illegal character will be removed from the search text and may return unpredictable results.

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